Roto Grip Unhinged

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They had no idea this was coming. This menacing rage and uncontainable wrath. But I knew all along it would lead to total annihilation. I waited, pretending to deny my inner nature, but I can’t hold it in any longer. I’m coming for them with my explosive Late Roll 69™ core and ready-to-snap pearl coverstock. This is my moment and their pain.

I let the power and rage of my Late Roll 69™ core build and build until there’s nothing I can do but snap, brutally and without remorse, destroying all that lies before me.

With this much snap, there’s no hurry to start charging the pins. I wait it out with my smooth 60M™ pearl coverstock, taking the fight downlane even on high friction surfaces before unleashing my destruction.

Ideal for medium oil conditions, I’m ready to step in when Hysteria™ and other high-end balls can’t hold course. My core and coverstock give me the length and the reaction to have the last laugh over my opponents.