Roto Grip Menace Bowling Ball

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When the dust has settled and the defeated have fled, my insatiable thirst for domination will reveal me as the last one standing. Let the buildings crumble and the dogs howl in the streets, my Cage core conquers the middle with no mercy and my 74H™ solid reactive cover will take on all obstacles and won’t stop until all have succumbed to my power! The annihilation is inevitable.

For extreme power and motion, my Cage™ Core is a juggernaut. Its top and bottom caps engulf the ribs of the core body, creating so much motion, my rivals’ heads will spin.

Straight out of the box, sanded or shined, my 74H™ Solid Reactive coverstock does whatever it takes to lay waste to my opponents. It dominates tight patterns, but is equally at home on all conditions.

Factory finished to a 3000-grit, I’m a monster on heavy lane conditions. A little cleaner than Hyper Cell™, but not as clean as Hyper Cell Skid™, I’m ready to inflict pain straight out of the box.