Roto Grip Loco Pearl

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  • $80.95

Yeah, I’m crazy. Crazy fun! So loosen up that tie, let down your hair and let’s get wild. Whether you’re ready to ditch that dirty house ball or I’m the one you turn to when the oil gets scarce, my all-new Late Roll 48™ core and versatile 45L™ coverstocks are the prescription for a great time. With just the right bite and rotation, I’ll put a smile in your slide and bring some punch to the pins.

Just when you thought I was finished, my all-new Late Roll 48™ Core kicks it up a notch with a little more pop than other HP1™ balls. I might be a little crazy, but I’m definitely consistent.

In this game, having multiple personalities works to my advantage. Choose between my 45L™ Solid or 45L™ Pearl coverstock, both with a 1500-grit polished finish for late hooks and strong entry angles.

I might have multiple personalities, but they share one, singular goal: conquer friction. Whether it’s my pearl or solid skin, embrace my crazy side when you need something with a little more control in light oil.