Roto Grip Hectic

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Incessant, frantic activity is my plan. I know exactly where I’m headed, but my opponents have no idea where I’m coming from next. My Late Roll 56™ Core sets the strategy in motion, while my 50ML™ Pearl Reactive Cover finishes them off. They’re left spinning, trying to figure out what happened and hoping to prepare for the next round. Yeah, good luck with that.

With my higher RG and medium differential, I can confuse them all— going long and hitting my breakpoint when they least expect it. Please don’t give me that stare. You know I’ve done this before.

My brand spanking new 50ML™ Pearl Reactive Cover is prepared to shut out my contenders.They’ve never seen the likes of this before, and they’ll want to forget what just happened.

I show up and deliver in medium to light oil conditions, holding it all together when I’m close to the friction and owning the lane when you step inside to wheel it. I leave them all with two choices. Comply and fall or be battered.