Roto Grip Haywire

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This power is coursing through my veins. This pulsing surge of energy. This uncontrollable urge to electrify the lanes. My opponents think they can handle the voltage?!?! They’ll realize just how wrong they are as my proven Middle Roll 70™ core delivers a midlane charge they’ve never seen and my rough and ready Micro Bite™ coverstock tears through anything that stands in my path.

That’s right, my Middle Roll 70™ Core is back and ready to spark a revolution. If you knew my Disturbed™ cousin, then you know the power my symmetrical core can unleash at the midlane.

My proven 80H Micro Bite™ solid reactive coverstock, borrowed from Hyper Cell™, is ready to shred the heaviest oil conditions and anyone who stands in my way.

On heavy oil, my 2000-grit finish makes me a nightmare come true. Combined with the punishing power of my Middle Roll 70™ core, my rivals will hope it was all a dream.