Roto Grip Devour

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Competition? I don’t see any competition. Just a helpless victim of my hunger for domination. My all-new Late Roll 56™ core drives my desire for conquest and my 54MH™ solid reactive cover eats through oil on my way to victory. This appetite can’t be subdued. This need must be fed.

My all-new Late Roll 56™ core builds on the proven success of the
Neutron™ core by giving it a density boost for an increased differential. The result is better length and controlled shape down lane. Go ahead. Indulge.
The only one in my class with a solid reactive skin, my 54MH™ coverstock is craving a fierce battle on medium to heavy lane conditions.
Factory prepped to a 3000-grit finish, I live to conquer dry backends. Or break me out as a step-down option. I’m as versatile as I am hungry for domination.