Roto Grip Critical

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My inner calm makes them crazy. I see no competitors and feel no pressure. My opponents stand pale, ready to fall. I see everything—there will be nowhere to go, no place to hide. My 67MH™ Hybrid Reactive Cover leads the attack while my Triliptic™ Core delivers that final strike. In the end I will prevail. There will be carnage.

As with the Critical Theory™ of long ago, no matter how they drill me my Triliptic™ Core keeps things in constant motion. Everyone loves to watch me perform and there’s no need to tell me how to do it. I’m an “anyone and everyone” kind of player.

Just like my predecessor, my modern generation 67MH™ Hybrid Cover is finished to a 3000-grit pad. I’m a little stronger than before, but no worries. It’s all in your control.

I thrive on medium to heavy oil conditions but can adjust at a moment’s notice. Sand me for added hook. Shine me for added skid and kick. Yes, I am a magician. No matter what you want me to do, I’m still determined to outperform the rest. My opponents had better brace themselves.