Motiv Venom Panic

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Engineered for light to medium oil, the Venom Panic is the first pearl ball ever released in the Venom series.  This coral snake gets down the lane easily and strikes with a deadly response to friction. 

The Gear™ core in the Venom Series has proven to be an incredible core design and has been utilized once again in the Venom Panic.  The Gear core has a lower RG for easy revs and a lower differential to retain energy for outstanding continuation. 

The new Turmoil™ MFP (Medium Friction Pearl) Pearl Reactive cover stock is engineered to provide more length than the Venom Shock and a more angular backend motion.  The Coral pearl shell is tuned at the factory with a 5000 Grit LSP finish.  This compliments the performance target of the new Turmoil MFP cover.   

For the average bowler, the Venom Panic will provide excellent length and a strong backend with a smoother transition.   High rev bowlers, in particular, will appreciate that smoother transition since some angular equipment can be too jumpy.  Tournament bowlers will like the Venom Panic for the same reason, but also because it retains so much energy for proper continuation.  It simply gets through the pins the right way on light to medium oil shots.