Motiv Forza

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Utilizing completely new technology, the Forza™ is precisely tuned for a smooth and powerful motion on medium oil.  It is engineered using the new Torx™ weight block design and Helix™ Solid Reactive cover stock.  

The powerful new Torx™ engine driving the the Forza™ produces a 2.50 RG and .051 differential on the 15# model.  It revs up easily and is capable of producing over 5” of track flare.  The new Helix™ Solid Reactive shell on the Forza™ is formulated to produce the friction required to read the mid-lane incredibly well, yet still display devastating continuation and drive through the pins.

Competitive bowlers with moderate to high rev rates will certainly fill a hole in their arsenal using the Forza on fresher oil patterns.  Bowlers that are speed dominant or have a low rev rate will find the Forza to be more versatile.