Hammer Dark Legend Solid

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Legends are looked up to and idolized. Future gener- ations will aspire to be like todays Legends. What makes a Legend so great and awe inspiring is their toughness and willingness to never give up or quit. The Greatest Legend’s strength and power come from deep within, their Dark Side. 

FCC Rating (27.5)

The Dark Legend Solid is stronger than ever making it the most dangerous Black Widow ever!
This 500/2000 AbralonTM finish am- plifies the strength of our new Sem- tex coverstock allowing the Dark Legend Solid to handle any amount of oil.
CORE (8.75)
Our legendary Gas Mask Core creates a strong overall ball motion that never quits.
COVER (9.75)
Chemical Friction, blah, blah. Mechanical Friction, blah, blah. We got your friction! Our new Semtex Solid cover leaves the competition begging for help.