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Bowling Ball $$$ A bowling ball is a great gift for someone you know well. The things you'll need to know are, bowling ball weight they use, the brand they prefer, and the type of ball they want. To find this out I'd suggest asking the person to go bowling with you and then you can easily ask all of these questions and more to find the perfect ball without them being any the wiser. Bowling Ball Bag $$ A bowling ball bag is a gift that can fit a range of users. All you need to know here is how...

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1: The Dude spawned his own religion Based on Chinese Taoism, Dudeism is “the religion for its time and place.” The religion has its own ordained Dudeist priests who can legally preside over wedding ceremonies. If you want to know or become a member check out   2: The movie has its own festival Along with it’s own religion The Big Lebowski also has its own traveling Festival called Lebowski Fest The festival started in 2002 in Tennessee and has been held in more than 30 cities over the years. The event is usually split between two days. The...

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