Review of the Nashe Bowling Ball Bag

Review of the Nashe Bowling Ball Bag

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Unlike most bowlers who can toss their bag into the trunk of a car, I have no such luxury. I walk twelve blocks to the bowling alley and have to carry my bowling ball and bag. Don't get me wrong. It's great exercise, but since I walk, I only want to carry one ball with me and know that it's safe.

With its thicker, durable nylon and metal zipper, quality was clearly the manufacturer's top priority with this bag. The plastic ball cup provides some crucial stability for my ball. What does all this mean? No more torn liner or broken zippers on my bag. And no more of my ball rolling from corner to corner as I walk. As an expert on walking long distances with a ball and bag, I can promise you: this is important.

In today's throw-away society, I'm so accustomed to buying products that I expect to replace before the year is out. Having a bag that is not only durable itself, but also protects my ball on my twelve block hike to the alley is fantastic.

There's a spot for shoes, tape, and towels. So, you can have a bag that keeps everything in one place and easily accessible.

Overall, I see this bag as perfect fit to any bowler who only needs to carry one ball, people who prefer quality products, and those who want an extra layer of durability.

Here's what another bowler had to say about it.

As a casual bowler with one ball (part of a summer league and bowl about once a month outside of league), the Nashe Single Ball bowling bag is the perfect companion. With a plastic ball cup sewn to the bottom of the bag, my ball is kept more stable than a normal foam holder. There are also 4 small plastic feet on the bottom of the bag that helps keep the bag upright. The nylon is pretty durable and keeps its’ shape well. The shoulder strap has a great pad that makes carrying the bag comfortable. There’s a lot of room in the bag for other equipment, as well as a sleeve on the side for shoes – a great addition. All in all a great, cost effective bag. I think I’ll have it for years to come.

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