Great Bowling Gifts for Him or Her

Great Bowling Gifts for Him or Her

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Bowling Ball $$$

A bowling ball is a great gift for someone you know well. The things you'll need to know are, bowling ball weight they use, the brand they prefer, and the type of ball they want. To find this out I'd suggest asking the person to go bowling with you and then you can easily ask all of these questions and more to find the perfect ball without them being any the wiser.

Bowling Ball Bag $$

A bowling ball bag is a gift that can fit a range of users. All you need to know here is how many bowling balls they own. You can get a bag that holds only one ball to a 6-ball roller that holds, you guessed it, six bowling balls. The most popular type of bag would be a 3-ball roller. Most bowlers don't need or want to carry more than 3 bowling balls at a time.

Bowling Ball Towel / Shammy $

A bowling towel is a great gift if you're looking for a stocking stuffer or a gift for your office secret Santa because they relatively inexpensive and every bowler needs a good towel to wipe the oil off their ball. To learn more about how to prevent oil build-up, see our article on ball maintenance.

Bowling Ball Cleaner $

Ball cleaner is another inexpensive gift that every serious bowler needs to properly maintain and prolong the life of their ball.

Bowling Shoes $$

Bowling shoes are a little tricky, not only do you need to know their shoe size, but depending on what level bowler they are they could require a different type of shoe. I would recommend only getting shoes for someone who is just starting out. You can get them athletic style bowling shoes which is just a basic bowling shoe. For more information on bowling shoes, see our Bowling Shoe Guide

Bowling Shoe Covers $

If you are shopping for a bowler who already has shoes, get them these inexpensive shoe covers. These covers are made to protect the sliding part of the soles from dirt, spills, or anything else you encounter off the lane.

Bowling Movies $

There are two great options here ‘The Big Lebowski’ and ‘Kingpin

Socks $

Everyone needs socks while bowling! Here are some of my favourites

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