Top 3 Bowling Balls For Every Type of Bowler

Top 3 Bowling Balls For Every Type of Bowler

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Greetings Bowlers, it’s Jason from The Solid Nine Podcast. We’ve been talking about the best balls so often, I didn’t want to throw this into another episode. You can hear my top 10 lists for the best balls of the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s on Episodes 21, 22, and 23.

Anyway, enough self-promotion. I put together a list of my favorite balls in each category of my one through seven scale. I picked out the top three for each category. There are so many good balls on the market, I barely managed to limit each category to three picks, but I fought all urges to make exceptions to stay consistent.

Also, don’t forget that I group them based on the “out of box” finish from the factory. I encourage everyone to alter the surface of the bowling ball to achieve the desired reaction, but I need a starting point to base the grading scale.

Level 1

These balls are best for short, dry, or when they’re just fried. Urethane covers or very mild reactive usually with low diff cores. Rev dominant players and strongly rev dominant players need these in their bag.

  1. Hammer Black Urethane
  2. 900 Global Boo Yah
  3. Motiv Freestyle Rush

Level 2

A step up from level, but still for similar lane conditions. More reactive covers come into the mix but the core differentials start going up. Again, rev dominant players will get the most use out of these, but even players will have these at the low end of their bag.

  1. Ebonite Cyclone
  2. Brunswick Fanatic BTU
  3. Columbia Nitrous

Level 3

Level 3 gets almost every bowler involved as only the strongly speed dominant players won’t need these in their five-ball arsenal. Reactive balls rule from here on out and the cores continued to get more dynamic.

  1. Motiv Venom Shock
  2. Brunswick Fanatic
  3. Hammer Cherry Vibe

Level 4

This stuff is dead in the middle, and it is the only grouping that hits all five bowler categories. Some of the best balls on the market fall into this level, but if you listened to the above-mentioned podcast episodes, it was easy to pick the top 3.

  1. Storm Hy-road
  2. Storm IQ Tour
  3. Ebonite Game Breaker 2 Phenom Pearl

Level 5

Strongly rev dominant guys are out since these balls hook. Strong covers with a compound finish, and the first asymmetrical cores make the list. Like level 4, many good balls at this performance. More good balls exist from level 3 to level 5 because they can fit with more bowling styles.

  1. Brunswick Magnitude 35
  2. 900 Global Black Ops
  3. DV8 Creed

Level 6

We are getting close to the top performance level, and these balls are strong. Top of the line covers and all high diff, asymmetrical cores. These balls will hook, but they are versatile enough for some rev dominant players to adjust the box finish to fit their game.

  1. Brunswick True Nirvana
  2. Motiv Jackal Ghost
  3. 900 Global Covert Ops

Level 7

Hook monsters that create tons of friction for all of the hand challenged bowlers out there. Some of the tournament players with a little had should keep a piece like this around in case the floodgates open up and even they can’t get something to move.

  1. Radical Fix
  2. Track Mako
  3. Hammer Gauntlet

Well guys, those are my picks. There are a handful of new releases that aren’t quite on the market yet, but I have liked what I’ve seen from promotional videos and seeing some staff guys throwing it. I must say, the Brunswick Magnitude 35 looks amazing. I hoped you liked my take on this stuff. Now, look up on top of the screen and click that BALLS tab and pick something nice out for yourself.

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  • Anthony Gomes

    I play in a league and disappointed with my average which is only 160. I have a very less rev rate and due to back pain issues use 13lbs which is comfortable than 14/15lbs. I need a ball which will be extra strong in the backend as the lanes which I play are very heavy in the backend oil pattern and the strongest of balls fail. Only with high rev rate bowlers play well but people like us with lower rev rate around 130rpm struggle throughout. Having informed you on my situation, can you help me with some hi performance balls which can cut through the heaviest of oil patterns?
    TY/ Anthony

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