Spare Bowling Balls and Why You Should Get One

Spare Bowling Balls and Why You Should Get One

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What is a spare bowling ball?

Your average league bowler will have at least two or more bowling balls. One or more strike balls and one spare ball. A “strike ball” is the main ball that you’d use on your first throw and when that strike doesn’t happen you grab your trusty spare ball to help you pick up those difficult spares.

Why use a spare ball?

Since lane conditions vary and change, having a ball that reacts the same regardless of the amount of oil on the lane is super beneficial. For example if you’re a righty and on your first roll you leave the ten pin standing, you wouldn’t want to use your strike ball because it’s going to hook. If you use a plastic / polyester ball (AKA a spare ball) instead, you can be more precise. Since bowling allows very little room for error, picking up your spares is a must. Like we mentioned the in the article ‘5 Helpful Bowling Tips’ Picking up your spares can turn that bad non-striking game into an easy 150+ game.

The right spare ball for you

One of the great things about buying a spare is there are many great options to choose from. You can express your personal style with a color or pattern you like, or create a set by picking a spare complimentary to your strike ball. Just be sure to use the same weight as your high performance bowling ball. Otherwise you’ll need to fine tune your speed in relation to the weight.

Our Top 5 Best Spare Bowling Balls

  1. Storm Tropical This ball comes in many different color ways and surprisingly, different fragrances too
  2. Breeze Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Gotta love this intergalactic design! At the Bowling Universe we are a sucker for anything space-related.
  3. Roto Grip Bullseye Because comics are awesome. Roto Grip also has a strike ball called Dare Devil, so what better way to complete the “comic bowling ball set”
  4. Hammer Widow Spare Hammer makes great bowling balls. This spare ball will pair nicely with the other Hammer balls in your arsenal
  5. Radical Spare First of all, it’s fun to say “radical spare”. The cool graphic of Radical’s founders Phil Cardinale and Mo Pinel is a plus.

In conclusion: if you want to improve your game by being more accurate and picking up your spares, get yourself a spare ball today.

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