How to Choose the Perfect Bowling Ball Bag

How to Choose the Perfect Bowling Ball Bag

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If you’re in need of a bowling ball bag? Here’s some wonderful news! It’s very simple to determine what kind of bag you should grab. Bowling ball bags are a great way to carry around all of your equipment and accessories to league night or practice.

There are three simple questions you need to ask yourself to find the perfect bowling ball bag.

  1. How much gear am I trying to carry?
  2. What type of bag do I want?
  3. What brand bag do I want?

How much gear the bag can hold

This is the first question you ask yourself. For example, a beginner may only have one ball and no shoes, so a simple one ball tote bag, like the Hammer Plus 1 Bowling Bag would work perfectly. Now, a more veteran player might have 3 balls, shoes, towel, and a grip bag. In this case it would best to go with a 3 ball roller with shoe storage and a few extra compartments like the Storm 3-Ball Rolling Thunder Bag.

Bowling Bag Type

There are two different bowling bag types. A bag that can be carried or a bag that has wheels and can be rolled. Which one you choose is determined by how much equipment you’re carrying and personal preference.

Tote Bowling Bags

Tote bowling bags are bags that are meant to be carried with one hand using handles or more commonly with a padded shoulder strap. These bags usually designed to carry only one or two balls at a time. This is because once you start getting three or more balls in one bag the weight becomes too much for one person to easily handle.

Roller Bowling Bags

Roller bowling bags have two wheels that allow you to easily pull the bag behind you as you walk into the alley. These bags are mostly designed for carrying two or more bowling balls and is highly recommended if you’re carry three or more balls. A 3 ball roller bag is one of the most common bags.

Bowling Ball Bag Brands

Now the only thing left to decide is what brand to choose. I would stay away from cheap bowling bags and stick to brand names like Storm, Ebonite, Hammer, Brunswick, and DV8.

Brunswick, one the oldest and most trusted brands in the industry has a popular bag called “Flash X Triple Roller Bag”. This durable 3 ball bag features large accessory pockets on both sides, a separate shoe compartment, and a retractable square locking handle that extends to 44”.

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  • dorothy baker

    I only carry my bowling ball ,towel glove and shoes in my bag that is all I need in my small bag

  • Denise Miller

    Choosing the perfect bowling ball bag is very important. It not only helps to organize but also increase the longevity of your favorite Bowling Shoes and Bowling Balls.

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