5 Helpful Bowling Tips That Will Improve Your Game

5 Helpful Bowling Tips That Will Improve Your Game

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1:  Buy a bowling ball

Buying a bowling ball that is made specifically for you is a great way to take your game to the next level. A ball that fits your hand will be much easier to throw and you’ll be able to throw a heavier weight (usually 1-2 lbs. more) which can help with the pin action.  

2: Join a league

Joining a league will give you the practice you need to improve your game dramatically. Not only are you putting in a lot of good practice, but you also get the benefit of interacting with many other bowlers at various skill levels who can give you great bowling tips.

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3: Practice, practice, practice

This may seem like common sense, but taking the time to bowl that one extra game during the week or on the weekend helps tremendously. Practicing also gives you time to try new techniques or make adjustments that you may not want to test out on league night. And what better time to test out a new ball?

4: Pick up your spares

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If you’re not striking you need to be picking up your spares. Picking up most of your spares can turn that bad non-striking game into an easy 150+ game Let’s say you’re constantly getting  9 and sparing,till you hit the 10th frame, you’ll end up with a 190, not too shabby, right?  

5: Hire a bowling coach

If you’re looking to improving your game quickly you can't go wrong with one on one coaching from someone who knows what they're doing.  A bowling coach can teach you techniques that are appropriate for your style and suggest which bowling ball would work best for you . Also, they can give you great tips on how to read the oil conditions of the lanes and how to improve your approach.

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